The Tellural Typeface

In addition to the release of Lemondrop, the Tellural typeface and the font family also made their debut in April of 2012. Tellural and the fonts in the Tellural family can be downloaded from Dafont, licensed free for personal use, while commercial use and web-embedding uses require a PayPal donation.

Tellural Font Poster

Tellural is a rounded monoline typeface, complete with italic and bold italic weights in it's "regular," rendition and also in it's "alternate," variation, Tellural Alt. Integral to Tellural's unique design, the typeface deviates from the norm with it's upright single story a. Tellural Alt provides for the occasion more distinction is required of the lowercase a, with it's more traditional double story a.

A total of 684 glyphs are included in the font, encompassing 21 ranges. 8 font files (Windows TrueType™) are included in the download; Tellural, Tellural Regular Italic, Tellural Bold, Tellural Bold Italic, Tellural Alt, Tellural Alt Italic, Tellural Alt Bold, and Tellural Alt Bold Italic along with the "readme.txt," containing the complete terms of use definitions.

Tellural Font Poster

Tellural Font - Currency Symbol Characters

Tellural Font Cyrillic Character Examples

Tellural Font Extended Latin Character Examples

Tellural Font Greek Character Examples

Tellural Font Numbers, Mathematical Operators, and Technical Characters

Tellural Font Basic Punctuation Character Example


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