The Lemondrop Typeface

Earlier this month I created the Lemondrop typeface and the font font family, which is licensed "free for personal use." Commercial use of the Lemondrop font family requires a donation.

Download Lemondrop from
The download contains a "readme.txt," with the specific terms of use along with four Windows TrueType™ font files; Lemondrop (Regular), Lemondrop Italic, Lemondrop Bold, and Lemondrop Bold Italic.

Lemondrop Font by Lauren Thompson Character Demonstration

The design of the typeface combines art-deco with contemporary styles. Geometric lettering and contrasting widths lend Lemondrop a very "retro," aesthetic while the rounding of corners and large lowercase, for example, update the look.

The capital letters within the Lemondrop font represent traditional uppercase characters, while the lowercase characters, letters a, e, i, j, m, and n (respectively), depict a lowercase equivalent in the same demention of the uppercase. Display text can be both playful when used typically, as well as business-like and more professional by using the font in all-caps.

Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic weights each contain 386 glyphs, including many accents and special characters.

Lemondrop Font by Lauren Thompson

Lemondrop Font by Lauren Thompson Character Demonstration


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