Configuring the Blog...

The actual blog and entries are again view-able and accessible. Before coming to the present configuration, I had almost come to terms with 'nixing' the blog aspect altogether.

Initially, my primary focus was on creating my portfolio. After doing so, I wasn't sure if Pixel-Vixen necessitated an actual blog, nor where and how I was to fit in the blog.

Without a solution to the placement issues, the blog aspect was not included in the design and remained inaccessible. I wasn't completely comfortable with the idea of 'nixing' the blog completely, seeking an alternative solution remained on my agenda.

I was able to come to the current configuration thanks to the help I found on the Blogger Help Forum, The Real Blogger Status, and Blogger-Hints-and-Tips. Utilizing labels to 'index,' posts, the blog entries are now accessible for public viewing:

The ground-work for placement within Pixel-Vixen's main design laid out, it wont be long for it to be fully implemented and included.


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