The First Words of Pixel-Vixen

I decided that now would be a good time to put an 'official' word out on Pixel-Vixen. Being that it's been, oh about six months since it's debut, I would be hard pressed to justify any further procrastination.

So, what's the word? Well, Pixel-Vixen is home to my online portfolio of personal as well as professional design projects. After some internal debating, I chose to give my portfolio the title "Pixel-Vixen," with the hyphen because the hyphen in the domain name is already such a hassle and faux pas, I hope that it might give way to making the hyphenated URL handicap less significant.

At present Pixel-Vixen is just about ready for prying eyes, and as a matter of fact this is 'version 2' of the portfolio's design. I am of course quite fond of it myself so I really think the design will be here to stay for a while. Unfortunately it also (at the time of posting) lacks some niceties and support for IE viewing, but I do plan on adding some of that as well.

Clouds and postcards have been done before yes, but what can I say. They look nice don't they. Besides, I live in Las Vegas, I don't get to see clouds that often. So in my virtual reality we get to see clouds. And a yellow sky with purple mountains majesty.

The postcard contact form is totally nonsensical, this I know. For starters, I have already "filled in" the traditional writing portion (on the left) with text, and it's already postmarked. But the message (pun!) is conveyed, and again, it looks nice.

I'll be posting more on my entire design process, thoughts and reasoning behind Pixel-Vixen here shortly. So keep your eyes peeled. Till then, give your life a listen and stay tuned.
~Lauren Thompson


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